Table of Contents
Week Dates Topics Scribe Tex
1 Oct 26 Administrative, Introduction, Perfect Secrecy and its Limitations Lec1 tex preamble
2 Nov 2 Computational Secrecy Lec2 tex
3 Nov 9 Pseudorandomness and One-Way Functions Lec3 tex
4 Nov 16 Hardcore Bits and The Goldreich-Levin Theorem Lec4 tex
5 Nov 23 Pseudorandom Functions Lec5 tex
6 Nov 30 Authentication and Digital Signatures Lec6 tex
7 Dec 7 Public-Key Encryption Lec7 tex
8 Dec 14 Zero-Knowledge Proofs Lec8 tex
9 Dec 21 Multi-Party Computation, Reduction to Semi-Honest Adversaries Lec9 tex
10 Dec 28 MPC against Semi-Honest Adversaries, GMW, and Yao's Garbled Circuit Lec10 tex
11 Jan 4 Fully-Homomorphic Encryption Lec11 tex
12 Jan 11 Functional Encryption Lec12 tex
13 Jan 18 Code Obfuscation Lec13 tex
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