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You are encouraged to collaborate with each other and to consult external resources. However, you should write the solution on your own, and for each question, list all collaborators and external resources (or write "None"). Do not discuss solutions in the course forums; you are welcome to ask for clarifications if needed. Solutions should be typed (preferably in Latex) and emailed to "moc.liamg|wh71fcof#moc.liamg|wh71fcof", with subject "HW\#, ID\#, Name".

Number Due PDF Latex Files
0 Non-mandatory Math Background by Boaz B.
1 November 16 HW1 tex preamble
2 November 30 HW2 tex
3 December 14 HW3 tex
4 December 28 HW4 tex
5 January 11 HW5 tex
6 February 4 HW6 tex
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